The Chaldean Media Center
The Chaldean Media Center, founded in 2005 by Mar Sarhad Yawsip Jammo, is a cultural communication medium that is essential to the Chaldean people worldwide.It is equipped with a fully-functional Television Studio,a Sound Studio, a Publishing Office where Sawra Newsletter is printed, and a Web Designing Office where and are shared with the world,among many other forms of communications media. Growing from its humble beginnings of two computers and a printer, the Chaldean Media Center has grown into a definitive and recognized institution.
Chaldean Media Center Logo
Kaldu TV Logo
                                        Kaldu Television
On March 30, 2011, the Chaldean Media Center officially opened its
television studio, calling it Kaldu Television. The station broadcasts
live celebrations of the Chaldean Mass and other liturgical prayers,
as well as lectures, social community gatherings and other events.
It is also building an extensive library of footage ranging in different
areas from educational broadcasting, to spiritual segments, to cultural
programs. This wealth of knowledge and information will be offered for free to anyone who wants to watch, but is more specifically targeted to our Chaldean people. As our people are being scattered abroad, it is absolutely essential that there be a place where the Chaldean Culture, language, liturgy and heritage are preserved.